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‘Try building a house or try planning a marriage’ an old Indian adage that is often used as an example by our elders to refer to tough and difficult tasks. They were not exaggerating. Building a house is not a joke and nor is planning a marriage. As one of the best marriage planners in Bangalore, we know that to be very true!

Shopping for wedding clothes, bridal jewellery, bridal trousseau, invitation cards, wedding hall, decorations, food, transportation, sweets, arranging accommodation, coordinating with the priest... We could just go on and on...

Most often than not, it is the parents who take the stress of planning the wedding. And in the process, they do miss out on many great moments that they ought to enjoy and experience. That’s where we step in...

As one of the most popular marriage planners in Bangalore in Bangalore we take the stress of managing multiple vendors, day-long shopping, finding that right shade of maroon just so that it matches that clutch of yours, to coordinate with that taciturn priest, to get that popular DJ to perform... anything and everything.

Impeccable planning, perfect timing and beautiful weddings… sit back and relax. Have that chat with your daughter before she embarks on her married life… spend an evening with your son and give him some pearls of wisdom about marriage... while the best marriage planner in Bangalore and Goa are at work.

'Beach side wedding in Goa’ might be a popular keyword on the Internet but that’s we do. Now who wouldn’t want a beach side wedding with soft foamy waves weaving in and out… cool breeze, tropical flowers and chilled Champaign. Now what could be more romantic than bonding two hearts with the gentle sea witnessing the union? That’s probably why beach side wedding in Goa are so popular! One really can't get enough of them.

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"Marriages are planned in heaven | Performed by us on earth"