Other Services

Photography & Videography

'A lovely day frozen for ever in an eternal motion… a beautiful bride and a handsome groom' You could have that only if you get the best in the market for your wedding. We can help you choose the best photographers and video to document those little smiles, dreamy eyes, that bold look and that moment when they locked their eyes together...

Hair Styling and Makeup

It’s just about enough to turn a cool and calm bride into a ‘bridezilla’. Getting that perfect hair do and makeup is one of the top five things that every bride stresses about. We work along with many professional make-up artists and hair stylists and can assure you that perfect dreamy look that every bride ought to have.

Stage and Sound

Decoration and music are the most important elements of a wedding. Our long experience in planning wedding makes us the best expert you could get. Creatively decorated with unique colours, flowers and festoons our stages are designed to awe your guests. We also have the best sound experts to provide great entertainment. So stop stressing about those small things and shake a leg!

Mehendi Artist

Mehendi is indeed the best adornment that a bride could get. Intricate floral, chequered patterns and dark lines of Mehendi etching the name of your beloved hidden amidst the lovely designs. We can get the best Mehendi artist in town to give you a stunning design.

DJ Entertainment

They get the party started and soon all and sundry are shaking a leg to a rousing Punjabi number. Getting the right DJ hits many right notes and gets your party underway. We work with the best in the industry who provide nothing less than a rousing entertainment for your guests.

Theme Parties

‘Seen one, seen all’ might be something that a bored guest might comment about a wedding until he or she sees our theme parties. You get to pick a theme and we get to showcase it. Go on pick any theme… we do love a challenge.

Hotel Bookings

When we said, we take care of everything… we truly take care of everything. Hotel bookings are most often the great source of stress for the parents. Getting the guests into good hotels (that don’t cost a bomb and yet don’t look cheap), arranging transportation, food…. Just sit back and relax and allow us to take care of it.


Food… the most important element of all marriages. Marriages are remembered fondly or otherwise just by the quality, quantity and the variety of sumptuous food served. To that end, we have never compromised on quality and have always associated our service with the ‘best’ and ‘lip smacking’ wares that the industry could offer.

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