So how do we do it? - Planning of the Wedding

To us each wedding is unique. It is a celebration of the union of two people and two families, which is why each and every aspect of the wedding is tailored to reflect the taste, personality and style of the bridal pair.

As professional wedding planners, we are more than happy to fan our passion by giving our clients the best celebration in the town. To us, it is not about the budget or the cost but more about the people.

Right from budget weddings to high-end weddings, we have organized many celebrations in the past decade. Theme celebrations and destination weddings are our speciality.

Our decade long experience as wedding planners has given us much understanding about customs and rituals of various communities. We have also planned many cross-community weddings, which is a challenging task for parents but a breeze for us.

For us there is only one mantra to plan to wedding – take a concept, tailor it to suit the bridal pair, handle everything … we mean everything!

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"Marriages are planned in heaven | Performed by us on earth"